Hello world!

7th June 2014

I would like to introduce myself to you: I am Paula Marie Farmer, the face behind Casa Interiors (changing spaces into places). I am married to Adam, have a teenage daughter called Emily and a very excitable yellow Labrador puppy called Bella! I was born and grew up in the beautiful Forest of Dean and, following a gap of about 17 years living away, moved back ‘home’ in 2003.


I qualified in Professional Interior Design in 2008 but it wasn’t until the later part of 2013 that I decided to take a leap of faith and leave my full time job of 16 years, working in local government, to concentrate fully on setting up my business. I have a real passion for what I do, and this is what both motivates me and drives me on.

So why Casa Interiors you may ask? Well, quite simply “casa” is Italian for “house” or “home” and having travelled many times to Italy – visiting places such as Venice, Rome, Sienna, Florence and Pisa, to name-drop just a few (!), I absolutely love all things Italian; from the rustic country villas in Tuscany sat perched on top of the hills, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, to the palatial interiors of venetian residences full of heavy marble floors and grand chandeliers. All of these places, with their wonderful styles are “casa” to someone, and how lucky they are to call it home!

Also of course “Casa” Interiors sounds much more glamorous than “Home” Interiors, don’t you think?!

So, that’s a bit about me and I hope to be able to share more with you about my life, my experiences, my business and anything else I think you may find interesting along the way. As to the frequency of my posts I guess I will just see how it goes for now but I do hope to be able to write at least once each week.

Arrivederci! ~Paula~